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BIM design of building engineering systems (3D)

Our many years of experience in BIM (Building Information Modeling) design of building engineering systems in the implementation of projects of different complexity levels allows us to offer our clients most efficient solutions. We know that accuracy is especially important in the construction process, thus BIM design allows us to avoid many problems that emerge in the course of construction. This helps to shorten the construction period, which is very important in ensuring compliance with obligations.

Design and installation of heating systems

We design and install various types of heating systems. We help our customers to choose the type of the heating system, considering investment, reliability, flexibility, durability, and operating costs.

Design and installation of ventilation engineering systems

We have extensive experience and excellent knowledge of the design and installation of ventilation systems. We can offer ventilation systems for various purposes, adapting to the purpose of the premises, technological or production needs. We offer solutions for the supply of fresh air, maintenance of microclimate with temperature, humidity and CO2 control, ensuring clean room requirements.

Design and installation of cooling engineering systems

Our wide variety of cooling systems allows us to offer our clients several different systems, discussing their differences in each specific case, assessing the investment, reliability, flexibility, durability, and operating costs. We design and install freon, water (active and passive) cooling systems.

Design and installation of water supply and sewage systems

Water supply and sewage systems are an integral part of every building and our daily lives. We offer our customers the most efficient solutions that ensure quality water supply to meet the needs of each user. We design and install interior water supply and sewage networks in buildings.

Design and installation of fire safety systems

Each building must comply with rules of the Fire and Rescue Department. We follow these rules in designing and installing automatic fire extinguishing systems in line with specifics of every building. The choice of a type of fire extinguishing systems is determined by many factors, which our specialists assess, offering optimal solutions.

Building management automation

Automation of engineering systems and management systems of buildings are vital for ensuring a smooth and optimal operation of other engineering systems. Inefficient operation of automation system does not allow achieving the desired result, even having installed most state-of-the-art heating, ventilation, air conditioning and other systems. Thus, assessing the entire building comprehensively is crucial. Our extensive experience in operation and maintenance of buildings allows our team to offer the optimal solutions, which will ensure the desired micro-climate parameters, help to manage the building efficiently and cost-effectively.

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