Two months of work at the Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital have been successfully completed


Two months of work at the Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital have been successfully completed

This summer, Civinity Solutions, a member of the Civinity group of real estate management and maintenance companies, signed an agreement with the Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital (hereinafter referred to as RECUH) to perform cleaning works on all its facilities.  The agreement is concluded for three years, the amount is 5.9 million euros.

Civinity began work in the Hospital on October 1 of this year. On a daily basis, 150 employees of the company clean the premises of almost 150,000 square meters.

“I would describe our work at RECUH for the first two months as satisfactory. It’s important for us that there are no complaints about our work, and so far, there have not been. Quite the opposite, we receive gratitude which is the best appreciation and stimulus for us. We’re certainly aware that the customer has given us a credit of trust that we’re trying our best to justify. Yes, there is a problem of inadequacy of  staff resources, especially among cleaners, and this is the main challenge we face. But we are very actively working on this issue, using various tools to attract staff to fill empty vacancies. There is a rather tangible turnover of staff, but this does not prevent us from successfully providing the main service”, – says Anita Vidiņa, project manager of Civinity Solutions.

Work managers play an important role in ensuring the high quality of work at all sites, ensuring the continuity of processes. Each RECUH facility has its own work manager, who works closely with the senior technical staff of the hospital on a daily basis.

The areas at all RECUH facilities are divided into three zones: red, yellow and blue:

  • The red zone is an intensive cleaning zone or a particularly polluted area. Usually these are dressing rooms, treatment rooms, intensive care units, cleaning of which is carried out more often;
  • The yellow zone is standard wards, which are cleaned on a regular basis;
  • The blue zone is mainly doctors’ offices and corridors, which should be cleaned once a day, including emptying garbage cans.

All spaces are marked so that cleaners clearly know what kind of cleaning regime for particular space is. The frequency of general cleaning depends on the area, while the minimum frequency of general cleaning is 1 time per month.

To ensure compliance with all the requirements for medical institutions and to ensure the cleanliness of the premises on an ongoing basis, there is a duty cleaner at each facility of the RECUH. 

On October 1, when the cleaning and disinfection work had just begun, the technical staff was fully staffed.

Cleaning is carried out using Kiilto products of Finnish production with precise dosing system, allowing effective cleaning and accurate measuring of cleaning agent. No residues are formed under such a system.

All our staff at RECUH work in the so-called “green mode”, i.e. people are either vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19 virus.  In addition, employees working in Covid-19 units are provided with all necessary protective equipment, including protective clothing. The company has successfully adapted to all the client’s requirements for epidemiological safety.

As reported, Civinity started work on the hospital’s facilities from October 1 this year. The facilities of the Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital in Riga:

  • Gaiļezers Hospital, 2 Hippocrates Street
  • Pathology centre, Hippocrates Street 2
  • Latvian Oncology centre, Hippocrates Street 4
  • Infectology Centre of Latvia, Linezera Street 3
  • Biķernieki Hospital, Lielvárdes Street, 68
  • Upesejas, Stopiņu county, Tuberculosis and lung disease centre

Under the Agreement, cleaning work is also to be carried out at the Children’s Clinical University Hospital (Gaiļezers) at Juglas Street 20, but due to the reconstruction of the building, work has not yet begun there.