One team – many ways to grow



As a part of Civinity team, we share our efforts to free our clients from unnecessary worries and ensure that all people who use the buildings we maintain have the opportunity to enjoy normal rhythm of life.

We pursue this goal by enabling each team member to be one step ahead in meeting needs of our clients and addressing emerging challenges. We know how important it is to improve both personally and as a team, thus we are constantly learning.

We like to compete and win, and we celebrate our victories. We spend our free time actively, staying constantly on the go. This transforms into a dynamic work environment in daily life where everyone can be a champion!

Our values

One team

We cherish unified team spirit and help each other to achieve common goals. We know that we are faster, smarter and stronger together.


Every day, we strive for our activities to be based on high quality standards, and that the result we create is sustainable and long-lasting. We take full responsibility for what we do.


We are constantly striving to be better than yesterday by asking ourselves and others what we can do even better.


We always keep our promises and commitments in order to achieve the desired result and earn mutual trust.


We respect each other, our clients, partners and the society. We respect and accept different approaches.

Our employees’ stories

“Over the years, I have gained very good experience, resilience, as well as in-depth knowledge of the industry and related matters.”

“This is definitely not a routine job; every day is exciting and full of events.”

Armands Dzenis

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“The offer to move to a completely different industry, at that time completely unknown and incomprehensible to me, seemed tempting. Not even for a moment have I regretted my choice.”

B2B sektora vadītājs

Full time

B2B sektora vadītājs


Are you ambitious, passionate and know how to improve your customer experience in building maintenance and engineering solutions? We look forward to seeing you join our team!