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“In the conditions of the global pandemic, taking care of the health of the bank’s employees and customers, the premises disinfection services provided by “Civinity Solutions” were especially appreciated.” One of the largest banks in Latvia “Citadele” has been a customer of “Civinity Solutions” since 2015. The bank provides its operations not only in the […]

“Every customer and office worker can feel comfortable.” “Bite Latvija” is a mobile operator in Latvia, which provides its services not only via the Internet, but also in its salon stores throughout the country. “Civinity Solutions” can successfully cope with general cleaning and provide an equally high level of service both in Riga and in […]

“On the same day, the “Civinity Solutions” team arrived and dealt with the problem, which allowed the gas station to continue working properly.” “Viada Baltija” is one of the largest gas station networks in Latvia, which currently provides its services in 95 locations throughout the country and has been one of “Civinity Solutions”’ customers since […]