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Energy efficiency improvement (ENEF)

More and more organizations, as well as public institutions are investing in projects that raise energy efficiency of their buildings and reduce operating costs. As building modernization professionals, we and our partners help customers to save hundreds of MWh of energy. Contact us for advice on energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency improvement (ESCO)

The most effective way to cut costs related to energy consumption is to invest in the most modern energy saving solutions. Usually, such projects are investment-heavy thus increasing the demand for the Energy Service Company (ESCO) model. It is a business model whereas one company invests in energy efficiency solutions for another company’s building. The returns on the investments are paid from the savings on energy consumption over an agreed period. With this service, we offer clients to implement the most sustainable projects with the highest financial returns without the need for customers to invest their own money.

Installation and maintenance of electric car and scooter stations

As the world witnesses more restrictions on internal combustion engines, electric cars and scooters are becoming more and more popular. They also become an integrated part of the sustainable movement in every city. We understand that the need to charge these vehicles promptly and easily is ever-growing, thus we offer our customers optimal solutions for the installation and operation of charging stations.

Installation and maintenance of solar panels

Every year, more and more households and businesses benefit from solar electricity, driven by the desire to save and contribute to lower environmental pollution. We help customers to purchase, install, and maintain their solar power stations.

Installation and maintenance of heat pumps

Heat pumps are a modern, economical, and alternative way to heat both buildings and water. Not only do we install such eco-friendly and low-cost heating solutions, but we can also create a joint solution for a solar power station and a heat pump, thereby minimizing heating and/or cooling costs.

Thermal imaging

We offer thermal imaging to customers who want to assess the energy efficiency of their building. This service allows you to identify where the most heat loss occurs thus making a step forward to efficiently resolving heat loss issues.

BREEAM certificate implementation

The BREEAM standard enables owners, builders, and tenants to manage buildings more efficiently and sustainably, creating a more comfortable and commercially successful property space. We help companies to audit the efficiency of their homes, offices, factories, and other facilities, as well as prepare and implement BREEAM standards in any type of building.

Ventilation system maintenance

Many modern buildings are tightly sealed to minimize potential waste of thermal energy. However, at the same time, it blocks the flow of fresh air from outside the building, thus making a smooth and uninterrupted ventilation system a vital part of any building. We provide ventilation chamber maintenance, ventilation system equipment cleaning, filter replacement, recuperation section inspection, and other ventilation system maintenance services.

HVAC maintenance

Almost every modern building is unimaginable without heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC). Like any engineering equipment, these systems require constant maintenance. Our specialists provide quality and timely maintenance of chillers, chilled beams, and other system elements, as well as freon pressure monitoring services.

Maintenance of water and sewage systems

Constant maintenance of water and sewage systems is necessary to prevent large-scale accidents. We offer our customers inspection of water supply equipment, inlet cleaning, lavatory inspection, grease trap cleaning, and other water and sewage system maintenance services.

Maintenance of heating and geothermal systems

Our team will take care of the heating system both during and before the heating season, as well as documentation management, geothermal system and heating mode inspection and maintenance.

Maintenance of low voltage electrical systems

Our specialists ensure that lighting, video surveillance, and security systems operate smoothly. We also offer grounding equipment inspection and maintenance services.

Diesel generator maintenance

Diesel generators have long become one of the solutions for reliable power supply, particularly in an event of an emergency. Regardless of the building type where diesel generators are used, our specialists will assist in their periodical inspection, maintenance, and repair.

Maintenance of fire water and firefighting systems

Technically sound fire water and automated firearms systems are necessary for prompt firefighting actions. We provide professional fire plumbing and firefighting systems’ periodic inspection, maintenance, and repair services.

Maintenance of smoke eaters

In a case of fire, the smoke removal system is activated to remove smoke from the premises. Our qualified specialists help to maintain such systems so that they operate smoothly and reliably in an emergency event. We offer our customers the maintenance of air cleaning systems.

Fire alarm system maintenance

The quick location of the source of fire allows you to eliminate it as quickly as possible and protect people and property. We help our customers with fire alarm system maintenance services.

Meter reporting

Checking meter readings is important for timely and accurate payment of utility bills. We promptly provide our customers with all the necessary meter information.

Utility bill management

We manage utility bills in a professional and hassle-free manner by scanning all utility bill data and uploading it into related systems. If required, our specialists can also distribute the bills between tenants.

Warranty management

If your building, a part of the building, or its engineering systems have warranty coverage, our team can manage warranty cases on your behalf. In the case of a warranty-covered malfunction, we will manage the entire process – from contacting the supplier to problem-solving.

Extra technical work management

If you need to modernize or upgrade your engineering equipment, repaint the premises or just hang a new painting, we together with our partners are always ready to land you a hand and find necessary specialists who will do the required work as quickly and as effecient as possible.


Room cleaning and surface disinfection are important as ever. Our cleaning specialists take care of the cleanliness and hygiene of all spaces in your building, including technical areas. We also take care of all the necessary cleaning equipment and materials, as well as our specialists’ training to ensure proper cleaning of even the most delicate surfaces and materials

Physical building security

Together with our partners, we make sure that your property and people in it are always safe and do not become victims of crime. Not only do we ensure the necessary security procedures, but we also promptly respond to any emergency.

Tenant management

From cleaning frequency to additional repair or maintenance works – the needs of each tenant are unique. Realizing this, we offer the best solutions that meet individual expectations.

Lifting equipment maintenance

We ensure the maintenance of elevators, lifting systems, and other related equipment in accordance with all operational rules. These services are provided in cooperation with our partners that hold long-standing experience in elevator maintenance, ensuring the best result and maximum safety.

Resistivity measurements

Checking electrical equipment, such as insulation or electrical cables, by measuring circuits is called resistivity measurement. This service is performed by our certified electricians.

Airflow measurements and balancing

Continuous airflow measurements and balancing must be conducted in order for ventilation systems to function properly and be energy efficient. Our specialists will help you to monitor airflows, adjust the ventilation equipment, and ensure comfortable microclimate in various areas of your building.

Building technical maintenance

As a technical supervisor of the building, we monitor and assess its condition and immediately inform about its potential weak points, thereby preventing possible incidents. We provide continuous building monitoring and annual survey services, as well as manage the building’s maintenance log and prepare the annual building survey act.

24/7 emergency service

Our team is available around the clock to help you during various emergency situations, covering electrical, pipeline, and other engineering systems of the building. Our technicians are always ready to come to your facility and fix technical malfunctions.

Maintenance of building automation and management systems (BMS)

Optimally functioning and calibrated automation and building management systems (BMS) are the key to an efficiently operating building. Our BMS experts conduct continuous supervision of such systems, covering remote system monitoring, physical system inspection and maintenance, and other services.

Energy cost analysis

In order to control a building’s operational costs, one must know exactly how much energy is being consumed. We conduct a detailed analysis of a building’s energy costs and provide recommendations on how to improve the building’s energy efficiency and reduce related expenses.

Building condition assessment

A profound understanding of a building’s condition is necessary while planning various maintenance or equipment installation works. We offer a comprehensive analysis of the building’s engineering systems, its energy efficiency, and the state of its structures, finalizing everything in a general overview of the property and preparing detailed recommendations on its further maintenance.

Implementation of innovative systems

Smart building systems are becoming increasingly common around the world. From the maintenance of smart and energy-efficient lighting and microclimate control systems to the installation of smart security systems, we help our customers to have a smart building with the most modern and convenient solutions.

Monitoring of operational costs

Operational costs account for a significant part of the overall expenses for any building manager. We support our customers with continuous operational cost monitoring and control thus allowing them to avoid potential overpayment for some of the services.

Engineering equipment improvement

In order for any engineering system – from sewerage to ventilation – to perform smoothly, it requires continuous monitoring and maintenance. Our engineers can help evaluate the reliability and efficiency of existing engineering systems, as well as install new engineering equipment.

Analysis of design, technical, and other documents

Understanding all the details of various building technical documentation can be difficult without professional support. We help our customers with a comprehensive and in-depth analysis, as well as an explanation of various design, technical, and other types of property-related documents.

Assessment of buildings and surrounding areas

In order to properly evaluate a building of interest and its surrounding area, one must take multiple factors into account. Our specialists conduct a professional and detailed assessment of real estate objects, as well as provide recommendations on their current condition and insights on their potential.

Engineering system’s performance assessment

Building’s failure-free engineering systems allow considerable savings on repair and troubleshooting. Our specialists thoroughly assess the condition of engineering systems and provide recommendations on their further maintenance.

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