Simple tips on always keeping the conditioning and ventilation system in excellent working order


Simple tips on always keeping the conditioning and ventilation system in excellent working order

The continuous operation of ventilation systems and air conditioners, even though seems obvious, is directly dependent on regular and timely maintenance of the equipment. Delayed maintenance can contribute to inefficient system operation and an increase in electricity consumption by up to double. Advice on maintaining air conditioning and ventilation systems in excellent working order is provided by Jānis Belovs, a specialist in refrigeration, ventilation and condensing equipment at Civinity Solutions.

· Maintenance of air conditioning and ventilation systems should be carried out quarterly;

· Proper use of refrigerating appliances must be observed – windows should not be opened while ventilation and air conditioning systems are working;

· Once every six months, it is necessary to either clean or replace air conditioner filters;

· During maintenance, the freon pressure should be checked so that the conditioner can work fully during the season (cool the premises);

· It should be made sure that the external unit of the conditioner is clean (in cases where it is located outdoors, it can quickly become dirty under the influence of the external environment);

· It should be remembered that the basic function of air conditioners is not space heating, so other types of space heating have to be thought over. The conditioner can help maintain an even temperature indoors, but at an outdoor air temperature below -5, air conditioning becomes ineffective;

· In order to have a good air-changing in the premises, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance of ventilation systems;

· Improper operation of the ventilation system can lead to mold, poor air exchange, unpleasant aroma indoors, reduced working capacity of people inside;

· In order to prevent improper operation of ventilation systems, maintenance of the system should be carried out only by certified masters;

· If the maintenance of ventilation systems is not regular, the consumption of electricity necessary to operate the unit may increase. The system will work under high load, but with little efficiency;

· The replacement or maintenance of filters is not made on time, the ventilation system experiences additional load, which means that after some time additional funds may have to be invested in system repairs.