How do I apply for waste sorting containers?

If the residents of an apartment building want to get containers for sorting waste, please contact us by phone:  8000 1599 or write to [email protected].  Upon receipt of a customer request, the information is passed to the home manager. Then the manager evaluates the need and applies for containers.

How to apply for bulky waste removal?

The removal of bulky waste is not included in the municipal waste collection and is a chargeable service. We encourage residents to take care of bulky waste themselves!   Bulky waste IS household waste that, because of its size, CANNOT AND SHOULD NOT be placed in household waste bins. It is furniture, mattresses, carpets, pallets, dismantled […]

When is the heating connected and turned off?

Heating for houses is connected by assessing the outdoor temperature, humidity level and customer demand.   Houses with individual heat energy meters installed in them, as a rule, are connected to heating faster, because each owner has the opportunity to individually adjust the amount of heat energy consumed in the apartment.