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An intercom broke in the apartment building at 21k2 Zaļenieku Street, which caused fear among residents about the safety on the stairwell. As a result of successful cooperation with the building owners, it was decided to install a new intercom.  Given that it was not possible to replace the damaged input panel because they were […]

For several years, Skanstes Park did not illuminate the children’s playground and terrace, which created a feeling of insecurity for the residents of the surrounding houses, but Civinity was able to prevent it. After finding technical solutions and preparing materials, work was started and completed within a week.  Several lanterns were installed in the park, […]

Residents of Biķernieku Street 16 and 16A were supplied with low-quality drinking water, but Civinity offered to solve this situation by installing high-quality domestic inlet filters with automatic rinsing. After their installation, the water quality improved. Given that low-quality water had previously been supplied, a recalculation was requested from the previous water supplier.  Residents not only […]