General meetings of apartment owners can be held electronically from now


General meetings of apartment owners can be held electronically from now

Owners of apartments in residential buildings will be able to hold general meetings in an electronic environment. This is provided for by the amendments to the Law on Residential Properties which were adopted in March in the final reading.

The amendments provide that apartment owners will be able to participate in their general meetings remotely. Besides that, it will also be possible to organize the meetings in part remotely. To do this, it is planned to provide electronic functionality in the Building Information System (Būvniecības informācijas sistēma – BIS). Previously, general meetings were held only in person.

This option will make it possible for apartment owners to make faster and more efficient decisions on issues important to the residents of the house, such as, for example, home repairs. Apartment owners who, for various reasons, may find it difficult to participate in meetings, for example, if they have problems to visit personally, will now be able to participate remotely, according to the annotation to the amendments.

Through the electronic environment, apartment owners will be given the opportunity to vote in advance on the agenda of the in-person meeting, if for some reason it is impossible to take part in the meeting on the specified date.

In addition, in the electronic environment of BIS, it will be possible to organize surveys of residents of the house. And if the survey is conducted as before, in writing, then its results will be entered into the BIS. The Saeima also supported in the final reading the relevant amendments to the Law on Administration of Residential Buildings, according to which, from March 1, 2023, all issues of an apartment building will have to be registered in the BIS.