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Clients’ consultations on all house maintenance matters

Our dedicated personal house manager deals with all tasks related to the quality house management, including face-to-face and remote consultation of clients on house maintenance, accounting and legal matters, preparation of household economic and financial plan, publication of activity reports

Preparation of long-term and yearly plan for the repair and other works

In cooperation with technical supervisor house manager is preparing and communicating to the clients short-term and long-term house maintenance plan, which allows to plan funds effectively and to maintain property value

Organization of house technical maintenance, repair and other works and it’s execution control

House manager is responsible for conclusion of contracts with all needed suppliers, including companies providing technical maintenance services, and execution control. House manager plans and organizes all technical maintenance and necessary repair / renovation works.

Preparation of proposals for works, convening meetings and organizing clients’ voting

House manager is constantly reacting to the situation in house, getting information from technical supervisors about occurred and potential problems, preparing proposals for elimination of defects / faults and organizes timely discussion and clients’ voting.

Continuous monitoring of the technical condition of the house

Our dedicated technical maintenance specialist conducts periodic (seasonal) inspections of the house, stores and manages home maintenance documentation

Mandatory works’ planning and technical implementation supervision

Technical maintenance specialist plans all mandatory maintenance and repair (renovation) works in house, coordinate it and controls technical execution of them

Maintenance of engineering systems

Maintenance of a sewage disposal system
Drinking water system maintenance
Maintenance of electrical installations and equipment for general use, lighting installations
Roof and rainwater system maintenance
Maintenance of common use premises (stairs, halls, corridors, basements, etc.) and their appurtenances (balconies, terraces)
Ensuring the safe use of the general structures of the house (foundations, plinth, walls, balcony supporting structures, etc.)
Maintenance of a natural or mechanical ventilation system

Continuous monitoring of the technical condition of heating system

Our dedicated heating specialist is executing regular maintenance works of the home heating point as well as heating and hot water systems, manages and stores all house heating systems maintenance documentation and makes sure that house heating systems are in good technical condition

Consultations on heating systems maintenance

Heating specialist knows the house engineering heating systems the best, therefore he is providing proposals for the prevention of heating systems accidents and breakdowns, also provides consultations of energy and its related costs reduction

Collection of meter readings

Each month we make sure that house meter readings are collected by the last day of the calendar month

Representation of the clients’ interests

We represent clients’ interests in state and local institutions, as well as in in relations with utility and energy providers, other natural and legal persons

Cleaning and territory maintenance services

Indoor cleaning services

Our indoor cleaning specialist are taking regular care of indoor common use objects (stairways, elevators, etc.) while sweeping and washing of floors, stair grounds, steps, stairs with water and chemicals, collecting garbage and disposing it, performing dry and, if necessary, wet cleaning of staircase walls, handrails, windowsills, cavities, radiators, panels, cleaning elevator (washing floor, mirror and walls), cleaning stairs and basement doors, removing cobwebs from all stairwell surfaces

Outdoor cleaning services

Our outdoor cleaning specialist are taking regular care of the territory of house while sweeping yards and sidewalks, collecting garbage, and disposing it. According to the season cleaning works include various of tasks, including leaf collection, mowing, mulching, cleaning of sidewalks and driveways from snow and ice, sprinkling the surfaces with a mixture of sand and salt

Landscaping services

Our greenery specialists can perform all landscaping works from sowing and germination of lawn, hedge, and flowers, to its regular watering, weeding, fertilizing and other necessary works

24/7 emergency services

Our emergency services team is working 24/7 and is ready to react on emergency request within 2 hours since information from client is received. All clients are notified at the moment when emergency situation is detected in the house and at the moment when it is localized.

Building Modernisation services

Our goal is to extend the time of operation of your house and to prevent potential emergencies. We believe that when professionals do the work, it is performed promptly and with high quality. We often do not realize that when a building is in a particularly poor condition, individual building modernization works or engineering infrastructure systems cannot solve a fundamental problem, but only slow it down temporarily. Continuous, ongoing minor repairs can cost residents more than a consistent renovation of an entire building, which improves the overall quality of life and reduces utility costs.

Our experienced renovation specialists will help you choose the best building renovation solutions. In addition to complete renovation of buildings, we also perform thermal insulation of roofs and storage spaces, full or partial thermal insulation of facades, replacement of windows and exterior doors, modernization of heating systems, installation of fire protection systems, renovation of ventilation systems, installation of renewable energy equipment, renovation of elevators, other general construction, water supply or electrical works.

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