Civinity continues to reorganize the brands of the group companies


Civinity continues to reorganize the brands of the group companies

Civinity, a group of real estate management and maintenance companies, continuing the process of reorganisation, introduces changes to the companies of the group SIA HOME MASTER, SIA LABO NAMU AĢENTURA and SIA VBS SERVISS. From now on, SIA HOME MASTER will operate under the name SIA Civinity Mājas Jūrmala, and SIA LABO NAMU AĢENTURA and SIA VBS SERVISS will henceforth operate under the name AS Civinity Mājas

The rebranding of the Civinity group of companies was launched last year, and now most companies operate under the united brands Civinity Mājas, Civinity Solutions and Civinity Engineering

The reorganization is carried out in order to more clearly identify the directions of services provided by the companies of the group, and to create a more understandable structure for both customers, cooperation partners and employees. Residential management and maintenance companies operate under the Civinity Mājas brand, and companies providing maintenance services for commercial and public buildings will retain the Civinity Solutions brand, which was introduced in 2020. Meanwhile, the company of design and construction for engineering systems of the Dizaja group of companies will now be called Civinity Engineering. In Lithuania, companies for the management and maintenance of residential buildings are known under the brand Civinity Namai, and name of the UK-based company is Civinity Engineering UK.  

In 2021, the Civinity Group generated revenues of €48,629 million, with consolidated profit before tax in 2021 of €1,726 million, with an increase of €44,000 compared to the previous reporting period.

Founded in 2005, during 17 years of its intensive development Civinity Group has united more than 30 companies providing services for the management and maintenance of residential buildings, commercial buildings and the services of development of engineering solutions. After the acquisition of new companies, most companies have retained their former names. In the process of implementing the new brand strategy of Civinity group, the group’s companies in Latvia, Lithuania and the UK have changed their names and brands.

Civinity is one of the largest building maintenance and engineering groups in the Baltic States. The group of companies unites more than 20 companies supervising more than 10 million square meters of residential and commercial buildings. The group has installed several thousand engineering systems in various European cities. The Civinity team unites 1500 employees in Latvia, Lithuania and the UK.