During the heating season, the payment for thermal energy increased by 30%


During the heating season, the payment for thermal energy increased by 30%

When collecting data on the heating season, Civinity Group companies concluded that the tariff for thermal energy in Riga increased by an average of 18% in this season.    It should be noted that the tariff changed during the season – it rose four times.  In turn, for houses managed by Civinity and having their own boiler house, the tariff remained stably low, as the company timely concluded a long-term contract with a gas supplier.  

  “The increase in the cost of heating for the population this season is dramatic. In addition, it is difficult to predict and plan expenses if tariff changes occur so often.   We believe that in Riga, as elsewhere in Latvia, it is necessary to start thinking about diversifying the production of thermal energy, in order to prevent dependence on only one fuel resource,” says Andrius Bakštonas, head of the Civinity Group in Latvia.

A.Bakštonas also notes that in the field of thermal energy production, cheapening should not be expected, so now is the time to think about saving energy resources and renovating houses. 

“During the pandemic, people’s thinking shifted in favor of isolation, as the state provided various support measures and, in addition, the price of thermal energy fell for some time.   State support is desirable, especially for certain population groups, but it is a temporary lifebuoy which can not affect the situation.   The state should develop a clearer long-term strategy to promote energy saving and support the search and promotion of these solutions.   At the moment, more favorable conditions are needed for projects of the renovation of houses and raising public awareness,” says A. Bakštonas.    

This year, the first houses of the company Civinity were disconnected from heating already by April 20.   The heating will be turned off gradually, based on the wishes of the residents and with coming of the stable warm weather.        

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