Invoice due date and penalty payment/surcharge

We invite you to pay within the time period specified in the invoice.  In case of late payment, the penalty payment fee is calculated for each day of late payment from the amount of the delayed payment according to the amount specified in the concluded agreement.   Payment of the invoice is considered to have been made at the […]

Additional positions in the invoice

If there is an additional position in the invoice, information about it is sent to customers in advance by a separate notification, unless otherwise provided by the concluded management agreement or the agreement on the granting of powers concluded with the company.   Expenses are distributed among the joint owners of a residential building in the […]


Recalculations of invoices for previous periods is made in the next month.

Methods for obtaining the invoices

The invoice can be received both electronically by e-mail and in printed form by mail.    In order to protect the environment and get an invoice faster, we encourage customers to opt out of receiving them in paper form.  The monthly fee for receiving a printed invoice is 2.00 euros (incl.  VAT). Receiving an invoice by e-mail […]