Cleaning schedule

Information about the cleaning of the stairwell, territory and/or underground parking of the house is placed on bulletin boards in the entrances of the house or sent to the residents of the house in electronic format. If there is no cleaning schedule on the bulletin board and has not been sent electronically, please report it […]

Gardening of the territory of the house

To make the bushes look neat, they need to be pruned at least twice a year – in spring and late summer.  The shaping of tree crowns on the site and the cost of these works depends on their volumes according to the management contract.  If the trees are large and high-altitude work is required, then an arborist is […]

Cleaning of playgrounds on the territory of the house

Children’s playgrounds are cleaned during the cleaning of the territory. 

Additional landscaping works

If there is a need for more voluminous and extensive work, then a decision of apartment owners or society is required. If the repair work is not too voluminous, then they can be carried out at the expense of the savings fund or within the framework of the management fee, assessing each case individually.  The […]