How is scheduled repair initiated?

Every year, the civil engineer conducts a visual inspection of the house, as a result of which recommendations are prepared for work to be carried out in order of priority. Information on the work to be performed is placed in the annual report of the residential building. If the above works are classified as urgent in accordance […]

How is the repair process organized?

Initially, the amount of work to be performed is determined, potential contractors are identified and the most cost-effective offer is selected.   Supervision of the process of work is carried out by the manager, depending on the specifics of the work, a civil engineer and/or a specialist in the relevant field is invited. Works are accepted and recognized […]

How are repairs paid?

The costs of the work performed are covered from the savings fund of the residential building (if it is accumulated), or are included in the monthly invoices of apartment owners (the work is organized after the provision of the above-mentioned financing).*  *If the house is insured as a joint property and the damages that have […]